Brown Granite Countertops With Backsplash Ideas

Brown Granite Countertops With Backsplash Ideas

Welcome our gallery featuring brown granite countertops with backsplash ideas.

The brown color relates to quality in everything for comfortable home renovation. On the other hand, Travertine stone is known as a beige or cream color. So, these soft Earth tones give the kitchen a softness that a lighter or darker color would not.

How to function with beige travertine tile backsplash and brown granite countertop colors together in kitchen designing? Furthermore, velvety beige color travertine tones with cherry brown, dark brown, and walnut brown cabinets would make a decent blend.

It could be exquisite and less unsurprising than white cabinets. The beige travertine tiles between the cabinets are rich and caramelized. This mix would proceed on the off chance that it utilized light flooring and coordinating paints to make much more difference.

Travertine is a type of limestone, making it a permeable and semi-delicate material for a backsplash. Travertine tiles are accessible in a wide assortment of cream, red, dark, white, and brown colors.

Brown Granite Countertops With Backsplash Ideas In Pictures:

Brown Granite Countertop Travertine Backsplash Ideas

Photo by Granite Grannies

This is a unique white kitchen featuring white walls and a brick beige travertine backsplash over the brown countertops. Light hardwood flooring and dark hardware also created a soft contrast.

Brown Granite Countertop Travertine Backsplash Ideas

Photo by Cameo Kitchens

The beautiful color combination of brown, cream, and off-white cabinets.

A 3X6 multi-colored brick travertine backsplash with tiles. A section in the center above the stove is in much smaller square tiles with travertine pencil moldings. However, white cabinets, brown countertops, and mixed color brick travertine backsplash combinations look fantastic.

Brown beauty of the countertops. A central island in the spacious kitchen becomes a serving and eating counter.

Brown Granite Countertop Travertine Backsplash Ideas

Photo by Case Design/Remodeling

An old-world style oak color wood kitchen with brown granite tops and a beige travertine stone backsplash. The center arrangement above the stove has a decorative design in the middle. Besides, green color wall paint and natural hardwood floor look remarkable.

In a mostly white kitchen, splashes of color and texture are a must-have. Therefore, the kitchen uses a brown countertop as the main stone.

Sometimes all traditional kitchen needs is a comply with a splash of color, and that’s exactly what this kitchen gets with a rustic looking brown travertine backsplash. Consequently, the brown countertop, white cabinetry, dark wood floor nicely combined to give a color hue to the backsplash.

A luxurious rich white wood kitchen with an enormous amount of large size brick travertine backsplash. On the other hand, dark brown countertops and dark cherry hardwood floors offer a contrast between cabinets and backsplash.

Brown Granite Countertop Travertine Backsplash Ideas

Photo by Cameo Kitchens, Inc

This kitchen is one of a good example of brown countertops and Travertine backsplash. Brown countertops and dark cherry cabinets are sandwiched by beige travertine backsplash such as same color floor tiles.

Brown Granite Countertop Travertine Backsplash Ideas

Photo by Angie Roman

A very light cream travertine tile backsplash brightens up the rich wood brown color cabinets and the brown granite countertops. Furthermore, multi-patterned travertine floor tiles are accommodated the whole kitchen appearance.

Even a simple travertine backsplash can add style to a white kitchen. This kitchen also features a dark brown countertop and a medium-dark hardwood floor.

Moreover, brown countertops simply matched.

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