Dark Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas With White Countertops

Dark Hardwood Floors Decorating Ideas With White Countertops


Welcome to our gallery featuring dark hardwood floors decorating with white countertops.

Flooring is a very important component for a house, especially for kitchen design. There are many types of flooring materials in the market from wood to stone. Hardwood dark floors can make the change for any room. It can add character and design, especially in a kitchen area. The wood floors are famous for their strongest lifetime staying in the place.

Hardwood Flooring: It is a great choice if you want to create contrast with countertop options. If you have an open floor plan, hardwood works well with countertops selections dark or white countertop options. On the other hand, you might want to ask what color furniture goes with dark hardwood floors? The answer is how to decorate with dark floors. Plus what are the best color area rugs for dark hardwood floors?

In addition, the contrast of dark wood floors & white countertops has seen a surge in popularity over the past several years. Especially in more upscale environments, this trend will continue for a while. We have to know that dark brown flooring goes with what color walls?

Dark Hardwood Floors White Countertops Ideas in Pictures:

dark hardwood floor decorating white walls wall color dark woods space lighter style  darker bright balance

Picture Credit: Stapleton Denver

Dark walnut floors with white color Zodiac quartz countertops look fabulous. Besides, stainless steel appliances, dark color cabinets, and pendant lights made amazing contrast for kitchen remodeling ideas.

Dark Wood Floors And Dark Floors Combinations

dark hardwood floor decor rug rooms interior inspiration deep sign mix pair shades living  curtains dining tips match marble chic features bedroom

Picture Credit: Michelle Montgomery Interiors

This is a dark color stained oak floor with white color natural stone countertops. The beautiful kitchen also featured dark espresso color cabinets. The trim is a basic high gloss white.

dark wood floors furniture room light lighter contrast space choose make home black darkness black look matching like country interesting search life elements chairs neutral chocolate

Picture Credit: Scavolini Kitchen

Decorating with dark wood floors and light walls made the kitchen also a gorgeous place to live. You are also seeing dark hardwood floors living room example in this picture.

dark wood floors decor light furniture rooms features article colors like look home make  light floors dark wall rugs rug balance natural interior floor color inspiration shades woods curtains

Picture Credit: Ellen Walker Design

Amazing dark hardwood floors with white cabinets and countertops are delicious. Pendant lights, mosaic backsplash, and stainless steel appliances made plus also.

dark hardwood floors decor white walls living room dark floors hardwood floor wall furniture light style create darker bright elements look home like chairs neutral chocolate article chic like home dark hardwood floors decorating

Picture Credit: M/I Homes

One of the main tricks is to use dark hardwood floors white countertops ideas to pick the right backsplash colors. Beautiful kitchen designed with nice creamy color cabinets dark hardwood flooring. Moreover, dark floor living room with pendant lights, stainless steel appliances, and mosaic tile backsplash look spectacular.

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