Alaska White Granite Countertops Kitchen Designs

Alaska White Granite Countertops Kitchen Designs


Welcome to our gallery featuring Alaska White granite countertops kitchen designs.

Alaska White is one of the most popular colors of granite on the market today. The combination of this stone is a mix of white, brown, grey, pink, and a little black. One of the key elements of Alaska White granite mines has a medium level of color variety, this variation in color has pluses and minuses. Sometimes homeowners want a completely uniform granite countertop and this granite serves that need as well. 

Alaska White granite is perfect as a complementary color to white cabinets and any kitchen area that attempts a classical or modern style. This stone goes very well with white cabinets and dark hardwood floors. So talking about the backsplash options are usually a combination of white and creamy tiles are the best. Flooring also should be dark hardwood options with different stains.

I would recommend you use sealer once a year. Natural stones like granite will require sealing upon installation, so it is important to get a sealer which is good for granite. After the installation happened, you can re-seal it once a year by yourself. It is a very easy process just pour the sealer on top of the countertop and wipe it out till the stone absorbs the liquid. You can use a paper towel or old clothes to do this. Leave it overnight and before start using clean it with soap&water.

White Ice granite countertops, Alps White granite countertops, and River White granite countertops are in the same price range.

Alaska White Granite Countertops

Kitchen Designs in Pictures:

Alaska White Granite Kitchen Countertops Designs

Picture Credit: Ellen Grasso & Sons

The absolutely lovely kitchen has been designed with a custom-made white cabinet, stainless steel appliances, and finishing up with dark hardwood floors. The stainless steel hood by the window is really rare and the kitchen island has fancy pendant lights. Alaska White granite counters look stunning in this kitchen.

Alaska White Granite Kitchen Countertops Designs

Picture Credit: jodi foster design + planning

Lovely open layout kitchen with white cabinet and Alaska White granite countertops with backsplash. Center kitchen island which has a veggie sink on it along with pendant lights above it. Besides, dark hardwood floors with stainless steel appliances completed the remodeling in the kitchen.

Alaska White Granite Kitchen Countertops Designs

Picture Credit: Rivky Ungar Designs

Amazing kosher kitchen designed with two-tone cabinet colors completed light gray glass tile – long and thin rectangle shape. White cabinet color on the perimeter side and the island is the stone brown color painted which is completed with dark hardwood floor. Alaska White granite price per square foot is not that expensive that’s why most people use as a countertops perfectly fitted their color combination in the kitchen. So like always we say warm colors have remarkable results.

Alaska White Granite Kitchen Countertops Designs

Picture Credit: Oakville Kitchen and Bath Centre

Stone tile backsplash and medium tone hardwood floors are excellent to share the same room. One of the good things about Alaska White granite is to make contrast from the bottom to the ceiling. Besides, the white cabinet and medium dark hardwood floor matched perfectly.

Alaska White Granite Kitchen Countertops Designs

Picture Credit: Amy Southard

Alaska White is an example of an expansive traditional open concept for the kitchen. Using white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and dark hardwood floors create a cozy room. Another application of white cabinet with Alaska White granite which combined dark hardwood floor. The backsplash is taupe with a crackle finish.

Picture Credit: Michael Burr Design

Alaska White granite price is $50 per square foot most of the US residential market.

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